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Jesse S. McDougall


Jesse is a 1st-generation farmer who married into a 4th-generation farming family. He runs Studio Hill, with his wife, Caroline, and is a co-founder of the Regenerative Food Network, CEO of Southshire Meats, and a visiting professor at Bennington College.

Ep. 1.11 Jesse McDougall Part 2

March 12, 2022

“I think that climate change, and the collapse of so many of our ecological systems is the pressure that's going to push human evolution into a new phase. And I think that has to be the story. “ Part 2 of my conversation wit…

Ep. 1.10 Jesse McDougall Part 1

March 6, 2022

“It was the next generation for the farm…and so it came to [my wife] Cally or nobody. And we thought, well, hell, we might be better than nobody. So we raised our hand and said, “Let us give it a shot.” Jesse McDougall had n…