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Legendary Interview

This was Jenn and Brent Beidler on choosing NOT to farm--his leaving farming, at least for now. I have known him as a superb farmer, bought grain and flowers from him--was startled to hear he'd left his land. This interview went so deeply into his experiences (great and awful), the depth of his connection to his animals and land, his clarity about his past and future. I say the interview is legendary because rarely are real connections--and wisdom--brought forth in interviews. I'll be talking about this one! It's my first podcast and I'll be back for many more.

empowering & supportive

Great emphasis on “choosing;” in each relaxed interview Jenn draws out the decisions made along the way that have shaped the farms & the lives of the farmers. I like this framing because it feels empowering to be reminded of my own decision-making power, and feels supportive to hear others taking it seriously too. Thanks Jenn!

Great farming podcast

Melissa and I love listening to our farm mentor and even if we can’t meet in person we can now listen and learn from her on the go. Keep up the great work and we look forward to more great episodes.

Love this!

What a great podcast concept. I love how Jenn is sharing stories from the farming community. It's wonderful to learn from each other by sharing our stories and experiences. I can't wait to hear more!