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March 6, 2022

Ep. 1.10 Jesse McDougall Part 1

Ep. 1.10 Jesse McDougall Part 1

“It was the next generation for the farm…and so it came to [my wife] Cally or nobody. And we thought, well, hell, we might be better than nobody. So we raised our hand and said, “Let us give it a shot.”

Jesse McDougall had never farmed. His wife Cally had grown up adjacent to her four-generation-family’s farm, but neither had any idea what might happen when they decided to shift from coding web sites to managing land. Through their painful introduction, they learned firsthand what happens when chemical-dependent land loses its crutch and found themselves stumbling toward the path of regenerative agriculture, scaling their businesses, and the pieces and parts needed to rebuild a whole food system.

This episode is the first part of two.

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Savory Institute

Regenerative Food Network

Southshire Meats


Cows Save the Planet by Judith Schwartz

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Jesse S. McDougall


Jesse is a 1st-generation farmer who married into a 4th-generation farming family. He runs Studio Hill, with his wife, Caroline, and is a co-founder of the Regenerative Food Network, CEO of Southshire Meats, and a visiting professor at Bennington College.