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July 12, 2022

Ep. 19 Keeping It Simple with Jascha Pick

Ep. 19 Keeping It Simple with Jascha Pick

“I didn't have mechanical background, I didn't grow up fixing tractors. I had never driven a tractor. I wasn't good with equipment. Grazing was very approachable. It just really appealed to me. You're outside, you're working with the environment. It just grabbed me really fast.”

Jascha Pick is a sheep farmer based in Northern Vermont, who didn’t set out to be a farmer but caught the farming bug. He fell in love with farming, and especially with grazing. He’s used a lot of creativity to get started, including a trip to New Zealand, grazing plenty of back yards, and living in a tiny house on leased land.

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Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms

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Jascha Pick


I grew up in Putney VT not on a farm.. I had forgotten I wanted to farm until the summer after my Freshman year at Earlham College I got a call from my sister asking if I wanted to help out on a organic vegetable farm she was working on. I said yes and the rest is history. I then transferred to Sterling College that summer and graduated in 2010 with a degree in Sustainable Agriculture. After graduating I moved back to Putney with my then Girl Friend and start to raise livestock while working for Harlow Farm. Winter of 2011 we spent 3 months Woofing around New Zealand and then came home and started to buy a small flock of ewes. We moved to Danville 2015 after a friend offered us a farm to use. 2016 Then girlfriend left. That was an opportunity to rethink what I was doing. I simplified the farm and went with just raising sheep and expanded the l flock from 30 ewes to 100. And changed the way I marketed the lambs.