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Feb. 26, 2022

Ep. 1.9 Christian Wiedemann

Ep. 1.9 Christian Wiedemann

“I think part of the reason that I have pursued a career in real estate development in addition to being involved with my family’s [ranch] business is because there’s so much overlap…if you don’t understand the land piece, then you’re missing a big piece of the picture.

Christian Wiedemann is the 5th generation on his family’s ranch, located near San Francisco. He grew up hosting school field trips for cattle branding events, and watching the increased interface between the suburbs and their livestock-land management. He went away to school, working in renewable energy and real estate. After a failed effort at a family management transfer, Christian is pivoting in a new direction—working to solve the challenge (and often disconnect) of land values and livestock businesses.

Christian’s question for our listeners to consider: “What if it was possible to purchase ranchland in a way that provides an attractive return for investors, improves the health and productivity of the land, and enhances local communities?". What would that look like?

Please send him your thoughts—he’d truly like to know!

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