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April 15, 2023

Matt Kovarik Thinks Outside the Box

Matt Kovarik Thinks Outside the Box

“I think that you have to listen to what everybody has to say, and then just pick and choose different parts of their advice. That's complicated for some people; they just want a How-To Guide for starting their farm. It’s not that simple--at least it hasn't been for us.”

Shannon and Matt raise waterfowl and grassfed sheep on leased land in Maine. After working on farms for other people in North Carolina after college, they gained experience before heading to Maine to start their own venture. What they've created and steadily grown over the past five years is based on flexibility, high value and working with their own instruction book rather than someone else's.


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Mindset by Carol Dweck--great book! I've read it twice. finding land to farm page


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Matt Kovarik

We are Shannon & Matt, together we farm pasture-raised waterfowl and grass-fed sheep on leased land in Midcoast Maine.