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Margaret grew up in upstate NY to non-farming parents. She caught the "ag bug" at a local educational farm, joined 4-H, and set off on an entirely different path than anyone would expect. She obtained BS and MS degrees in animal science, with focus on ruminant nutrition and grazing management. After a few years organizing farmer-led education and research with Practical Farmers of Iowa, she moved to the Kansas City area to get married to her (incredibly supportive but non-farming) husband Eric. She spent a few years running the livestock portion of an agritourism farm and delivering the same sorts of lessons to youth that got her into ag, followed by a stint with K-State Research and Extension. She jumped into "for real" farming in 2018 as an affiliate of Goats On The Go, a national network of targeted goat grazing operators. She now farms full-time as a "professional crazy goat lady" as Storm Dancer Farm LLC and Goats On The Go KCMO, surrounded by cows, sheep, chickens, dogs, a few donkeys, and lots and lots of goats.

Ep. 1.16 Margaret Chamas Part 2 and Listener Comments

April 23, 2022

We finish up our second part of the chat with Margaret and read some listener comments. Lots of gold to hear and respond to in this episode!

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Ep 1.15 Margaret Chamas Part 1

April 11, 2022

“For a long time, it's been just like struggling to get my farm to the bare minimum of what I would consider acceptable in my head. There was no pride, no accomplishment, because before that I was failing. So I was simply no…