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Ashlyn Bristle


Ashlyn Bristle co-owns and operates Rebop Farm, a diversified and pasture based livestock and dairy operation on a hill farm in Brattleboro with her husband, Abraham. She has been farming for just over a decade, and holds degrees in education and sustainable food and farming. Managing the farm’s soil for the health and well being of the surrounding community, the livestock and people that live on and eat from the farm, and the farm’s viability has become the foundational principle that drives her decision making. When she’s not working on the farm, Ashlyn might be knitting too many sweaters at once, baking, or hoping for the speedy return of square dances and pub sings.

Ep 1.13 Ashlyn Bristle & Abraham McClurg

March 27, 2022

“The jobs that I worked were a pickle factory and a spinnery and an apple orchard, All of those were learning how to operate in a system watching how other people create systems and deal with the logistics of production. I t…