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Feb. 2, 2023

Five-Stars Farmstay Course Starts February 13. Sign up now!

Five-Stars Farmstay Course Starts February 13. Sign up now!

Have you been thinking about adding overnight stays to your farm or ranch business?

Here’s a way to help you host Five-Star Farmstays WITHOUT reinventing the wheel.

You can add a steady stream of income to your farm or ranch that does not depend on adequate rain, solid commodity markets, or tons of money. On-farm (or ranch) overnight stays take a little work to set up well, but once they are running, can help ease the challenges of seasonal paychecks and year-round expenses. Hosting farmstays has really helped my farm business, and I'm excited for it to help your business, too. 

I’m Jenn Colby. 

For over 25 years I've worked professionally in agriculture and customer service. For 22 years I've been a farmer myself, raising all types of livestock.

As the first person in my family in two generations to actively farm, I've had to start from scratch on a lot of topics from animal management to building fence to marketing my products. I also had to learn to run a farm business; something very few farmers--first-generation or not--are taught. Running the numbers on my business really helped me understand how challenging it is to run a farm through changing seasons, expenses, and unpredictable income.

Hosting farmstays has really helped even-out my farm business cash flow and increase my profitability.

In 2022, I started the Choosing to Farm podcast to tell the stories of livestock farmers and ranchers to the world. 

I'm also collecting useful resources to help new (and existing) farmers and ranchers find greater success and higher quality of life. I deliver resources to help you heal agriculture's relationship with success and expand the community of healthy, whole, profitable farming/ranching operations.

Hosting Five-Star Farmstays is one way for you to increase your profits and share your story!

Wondering if the FIVE-STAR FARMSTAYS course is right for you?

I designed this course with busy farmers and ranchers in mind to help you balance your time, connect with others, and get downloadable resources to use in the future.


  • Online modules to take at your own pace plus resource materials to keep forever.
  • Taught by a farmer with 25 years of customer service experience.
  • Live Q&A, Private FB group cohort, and email access to get your questions answered.
  • Video walkthrough of two farmstay types with detailed tips and recommendations.

What’s Included?

Five-Star Farmstays is aimed at taking you inside the real host experience with practical, useful tips to increase your farm income in the short—and long—term. Based on multiple years’ experience hosting on-farm events, farmstays, pastures walks, conferences, and other public-facing agriculture activities, this course will highlight ways to save precious time, show you where to invest time and energy for great return, and detail step-by-step ways to increase cash flow.  Filled with videos, site walkthroughs, checklists, web resources, and more…this electronic material will be yours to keep.

We’ll also be live on three weekly Q&A calls, and inside the Five-Star Farmstays private Facebook group, where a wealth of knowledge and experience will be shared.

Topics we’ll cover:

  • Three Main Areas of Time Commitment
  • Strategies to Ramp Up Cash Flow
  • Getting and Keeping Five-Star Reviews
  • Welcome Basket Science
  • Video Walkthroughs
  • Bonus Materials

Hosting farmstays has really helped me even-out my farm business cash flow and increase my profitability—now let’s help YOUR cash flow and profitability too.

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